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Yumaki is a contemporary brand that has revolutionised the concept of everyday oral care by focusing on materials and modern design that adds style, function and sustainability.

The Originals collection is tailor made to meet the high functional & stylish expectations of the disserning man and woman. The Originals model A101 balances function and design with high quality nylon, charcoal blended or biodegradable bristles in squared holes and a unique flexible handle that is made out of a sugarcane platic, steam pressed bamboo, faux tortise shell and other materials. It is designed to have an ergonomic grip when using it. The handle also features a circular hole that fits single-use Yumaki accessories such as the interdental brush and tuft brush.

Yumaki follows all international production standards for professional dental care products and although they looks extremely simple they not only have a great grip in the palm of your hand, they also clean your teeth and gum just as efficient as any other toothbrush produced with state of the art machines and material.
Although Yumaki is a relatively new oral care brand, the Japanese manufacturers of the products has more than 100 years of experience in producing professional oral hygiene products.

Yumaki was founded by Swedish designer and entrepreneur Jakob Lennartsson, who have been working with product design for almost 2 decades. Combining high quality production and functional scandinavian product design is what allowed for Yumaki as a brand and concept to be born.

Yumaki has been featured in many well established mags from around the world such as Monocle, Vogue and Interview Magazine as well as sold in 23 countries worldwide.

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