Recommended toothbrush and sold by dentists

If you ask a dentist what kind of toothbrush is best they will most likely say that the simpler
toothbrush the better, as long as you brush your teeth thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. They
will also mention that flexible heads might even be bad since it causes you to brush your
teeth harder, that rubber inside the bristles does not really do anything and that the thing
you should be most concerned about is that it is of good quality and has a grip that you like.

To be honest, electric toothbrushes are proven to be the most efficient at brushing your teeth.
But they normaly look ugly, take up space and consume precious energy.

Many dentists agree that the Yumaki toothbrush shape and bristle is great for brushing your teeth. It's a simple, ergonomic
toothbrush in good quality that does what it is supposed to do - Brush your teeth.

Yumaki toothbrushes does not get your teeth any whiter or any cleaner than any other high quality toothbrush does. The result is the same. It does not come with empty promises about massaging teeth and being extra efficiant just because the bristles are in angles or cut on different levels.

It is a high quality toothbrush that comes in style.

Please read our section about Our Toothbrushes & Quality to know more about our high quality and how all Yumaki products
are made.

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