Greener toothbrushes

All Yumaki products are made out of PP material and can be recycled. Therefore we have
started a recycling program that encouranges you to send us your used Yumaki toothbrushes.

For every 3 toothbrushes (with travel-cases) that gets sent to us we will send you a voucher for
1 new toothbrush of your choice

Anyone who takes part of this recycling program will get a special status and recyling points on their
Yumaki account and will receive free limited edition products in the future.

We only recycle the handles of the products and throw away the bristle-head. This is not only for hygienic purposes but also to keep the PP material pure and easily re-recycled time and time again.
About 90% of the product is recycled and will be used in the recycling process.

Products you wish to recycle should be sent to
Yumaki Recyling Station
Aspirantgatan 31
644 35 Torshaella

Make sure you clearly state your Yumaki user-name and email on the package you send so that we can award your
account the recycling status and points.
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