Yumaki shipping charges
Shipping is free if you order five or more sets of toothbrushes. If you order less than five sets, the below shipping charge will be added to your order:

1 set: 1.99 USD
2-3 sets: 3.99 USD
4-5 sets: 5.99 USD
6-7 sets: 7.99 USD
8-9 sets: 9.99 USD

Order 10 or more: FREE SHIPPING

Yumaki delivery times
We do our best to get your order to you as quickly as possible, but because of where we are located some countries are faster to reach than others:

Japan: 14 days
Europe: 7 days
US / Canada: 14 days
Others: 19 days

In the e-mail with your order confirmation you'll also find your order number, which enables you to track your delivery through Yumaki.
The absolute easiest way to track your order is by logging in and viewing the order progress in your Account.

Contact Yumaki
If you have a question concerning a delivery, contact us using our support form.

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