Yearly Subscription

It is pretty easy to forget about buying a new toothbrush and end up using your old toothbrush
for an unnessecary long time.
With a Yumaki subscription, we will send you a new toothbrush exactly by the time you need one.

Professional dentists recommend to change toothbrush every 2 months so that′s how our
subscription work. Every 3 months we will send you a new Yumaki toothbrush of your choice.

If you are 2 or more at the same address you can save money on the shipping cost and have us
sending more than 1 set per time.
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options for subscriptions? Send us your Thoughts!
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Did you know?

did you know?

Brushing your tongue will kill bacteria, prevent dental cavities and give you a better breath! Learn more.
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...and greener

Our products are made out of recyclable material and we encourage everybody to send us your old Yumaki-products and cases for discounts. Learn more.
Packaged Yumaki products come packaged in a
transparent pocketsized travel-case if not specified otherwise.
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